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Features & Specs
  • Flexible cab options
  • High-performance S-Series cleaning system reduces slope sensitivity
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
  • 300-bu (10,600-L) S-Series grain tank

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The S670 is capable of header sizes of 40-ft platforms and up to 12-row StalkMaster™ corn heads. The S670 has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier in a medium to large size crop.


Key Features

Drive more productivity with Harvest Smart™ system
Automatic shifting with ProDrive™ transmission
Platform tilt increases header productivity from the combine
TriStream™ rotor designed for coarse grains and easy threshing small grains
Variable stream rotor designed for tough material handling
High-performance Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning system

Ag Management Solutions (AMS)

Features for harvest productivity
Machine guidance systems

Drive and steering wheels, tires and tracks

Configuring drive and steering tires for best performance
Important tire compatibility, ballast, inflation and spacing information
Wheels and tires attachments


Configuring transmission for best performance
Top transmission and propulsion features


Feederhouse drive options
Optional features
Feederhouse top features


Engine configuration options
Features of the engine deck
Top PowerTech™ PSS engine features

Operator station and controls

Configuring operator station
Features designed for operator comfort
Features for operating ease

Machine automation technology

Integrated technology
Premium performance features

Residue disposal

Configuring residue management system by crop type
Converting one residue management system to another
Residue management attachments
Top residue management features

Rear axle, wheel spindles, and 4-wheel drive

Configuring rear axle for best performance
Converting 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive
Top rear axle features

Grain handling

Grain handling attachments
Grain handling optional features
Top grain handling features

Threshing and separating

Cleaning system features and options
Extended wear and tough crop options
Features and benefits
Rotors and optional equipment

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