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4630 Series

One option for sprayers is the new 4630 Self Propelled Sprayer, which has all of the capabilities of the popular 30 Series Sprayer, only packaged in a smaller, more agile machine. The sprayer features an 80 foot boom that can deliver 4 gallons per minute to 95 gallons per minute, and can be retracted to 60 feet if spraying in tighter spaces is necessary.

The machine's 165-horsepower, 6.8 L PowerTech engine, aided by the four-wheel-drive hydrostatic transmission, has proven to help farmers cover more acreage in less time, allowing the sprayer to cover between 60 and 100 acres per hour. In order to maximize this time spent in the field, Deere developed a 600-gallon tank that allows for less total weight of the machine and more maneuverability.

The ability for machines to be flexible in rolling fields is crucial for machine productivity, and with the two axle configurations, which can be set to wide or narrow, operators can choose the appropriate axle tread spacing to fit the crop, whether its for cotton or for row crops and smaller grains.


4630 Features

4730 Series

The 4730’s performance, comfort, ease of use and reliability are unmatched. You can spray all day with the 133-gallon fuel tank and feel just as good when you finish as when you started.

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4830 Series

With 1,000 gallons of solution capacity running through the 100-foot boom, the 4830 offers all the performance-enhancing features you want.

4830 Features | Specs

4940 Series

While the 4630 is ideal for smaller operations, Deere's largest sprayer, the 4940, is equipped with a number of labor-saving options that ensure accurate and efficient spraying, even on the longest days spent in the field.

Outfitted with "Technozzlegy," John Deere's newest spraying system, the 4940 is redefining sprayer performance and accuracy. For fertilizer optimization, a high flow 140 degree fan pattern provides for uniformity and consistency for whatever spacing a plot needs. The nozzle delivers a coarse spray ideal for pre-plant liquid applications.

For herbicides, Deere' patented venturi technology reduces drift, while the air-filled droplets and unique pattern delivers a more effective spray. The sprayer also features three additional nozzles designed specifically for insecticides and fungicides, which can be changed to cover small, medium and large plots of land. Several spray rates and pressures can be utlized, making for the most efficient spraying possible.

4930 Features | Specs