John Deere offset disks, tandem disks, disk harrows for sale at AgriVision Equipment serving Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri from Clarinda, Creston, Hamburg, Leon, Lenox, Macedonia, Massena, Pacific Junction, Red Oak, Winterset Iowa.

225 Offset Disks

Welded mainframes and triple-sealed ball-type bang bolt bearings make the 225 Disks a reliable partner in the field. The adjustable hitch lets you set the disk to work directly behind the tractor or offset to either side.

2620 Three and Five Section Tandem Disks

The 2620 Disk is ideal for loosening the top 3 to 5 inches of soil. Not only will the soil warm faster, it also helps your planter place seeds precisely for maximum germination. Models start at 20'9" – a perfect size for the 6R Series Tractors. To cover your acreage as quickly as possible, use your 9R Series Tractor to pull the wide-working 49-foot, 3-inch model.

2620  Features

2623 Three and Five Section Tandem Disks

The new 2623 Disk is a versatile tool you can use for primary or secondary tillage. Need to size and bury residue in the fall? Not a problem. Want to use it in the spring to ready seedbeds for planting? The 2623 Disk is equally adept at that task. Perfect for growers with light to medium soils such as those across the Corn Belt and Southern U.S. Available in ten widths ranging from 20'9" to 49'3".

2623  Features

2625 Three Secion Tandem Disks

The largest in the 2600 Series, the 2625 Disk turns hard-packed fields littered with corn residue into well-worked acres sporting 30% residue cover or less. At weights up to 289 lbs. per blade and working depths up to 8 in., this behemoth ensures that neither compaction nor last-year’s leftovers interfere with creating a good growing environment for your seed investment. Available in five widths from 23'7" to 40'8".

2625  Features

425 Offset Disks

The deep-working 425 Disk offers 9 - or 11-inch spacing — perfect for primary tillage in stalks and stubble. And the one-piece welded mainframe is tough enough for rough ground.

670 Single Offset

Disks From primary tillage applications in standing stalks to seedbed prep, the 670 Offset Disks are up to the task. A one-piece welded steel frame and adjustable front and rear gang angles deliver the right results no matter the soil type.