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Chisel Plow

Need rugged strength and precise depth control for tough field conditions? Choose a Chisel Plow, field proven to provide consistent residue management for years.

Mulch Ripper

Finish three different jobs in one fuel-saving tillage pass

Crop conditions change and so do your tillage requirements. You need to be flexible. And that’s what makes the John Deere 2700 Mulch Ripper the right choice for effective one pass mulching, soil shattering, and leveling.

It lets you finish three different jobs in one pass, decreasing your fuel costs. With the 2700, you can easily manage residue levels, the amount of soil fracturing, and the soil profile.

Disk Ripper

One of the best ways to rid your fields of compaction is with the 512 Disk Ripper. The standards on the 512 shatter compaction as deep as 16 inches, providing plant roots ample room for growth – one of the first steps toward higher yields.

512 Disk Ripper  Features

Mulch Tiller

Get one-pass primary tillage

The John Deere 714 Mulch Tiller combines chisel plow standards with coulters so you complete two jobs at once. That, of course, saves you time and money.

Rugged rigid scraper bars on the coulters reduce plugging. A variety of sweeps and shovels lets you equip your 714 to easily satisfy your specific soil and residue requirements. Another machine that helps to maintain lands is the 714 Mulch Tiller, which combines standards seen on a typical chisel plow with coulters, allowing an operator to essentially complete two jobs at once, cutting time spent in the field in half and lowering costs associated with purchasing multiple tilling products.

The 714 is especially popular for its features that significantly reduce plugging, which include rugged rigid scraper bars on the coulters. A wide array of sweeps and shovels make equipping the 714 with soil and residue-specific attachments simple and satisfactory.

The tiller is constructed with a one-piece welded construction frame with 4x4-inch cross beams for structural durability and features a crank-adjust single point depth control allowing for easy depth selection.

Minimum Till Ripper

2100 Minimum-Till Ripper: Unbeatable compaction fighter

The 2100 Minimum-Till Ripper is designed to break up sub-soil compaction while leaving a smoother soil profile and retaining as much residue as possible for soil conservation practices.

22B Integral Ripper

The single parabolic standard ripper on the 22B Integral Ripper provides an economical means of shattering hardpan by exploding soil upward to promote root growth.


Rip as deep as 23 inches with the 915 V-Ripper. It's true "V" frame positions the shanks for excellent subsoiling without plugging, shattering compaction.

Deere's extensive line of primary tillage products are suited to fit the needs of any earth on any plot of land. One popular choice among the agricultural populous is the John Deere 915 V-Ripper, a tillage machine that offers excellent residue-handling capabilities. The "V" frame was designed to position the shanks for excellent soil and residue flow and eliminates plugging. With a maximum rip depth of 23 inches or a minimum of 19 inches, tilling can be performed accurately and efficiently with optional coulters easily available.

The soil probe found on the machine saves operating time by helping to determine compaction depth, while the integral hitch with two optional positions can be changed for high clearance or deep ripping with ease.

Moldboard Plow

Need rugged strength and precise depth control for tough field conditions? Choose a Chisel Plow, field proven to provide consistent residue management for years.