John Deere 2000 series tractors, 3000 series, 4000 series tractors, compact tractors available at AgriVision Equipment serving Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri from Clarinda, Creston, Hamburg, Leon, Lenox, Macedonia, Massena, Pacific Junction, Red Oak, Winterset Iowa.

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2000 Series

Effortless and natural. That's what it feels like to get behind the wheel of the 2000 series tractors. These compacts have the comfort and convenience features other tractors in their category salivate over: standard cruise control, Drive Over Deck with "Stow and Go" feature, power steering, and an optional independent lift kit. Throw in durable "big-tractor" features like a full Category 1 three-point hitch and heavy-duty axles for higher loads and you have compacts that act like heavyweight contenders.

3000 Series

It's a difference you can tell from the moment you sit down - this is not tractor as usual. With the John Deere 3000 series, you can see that attention to detail is something special. Start with the AutoHST, an auto-like transmission option for the 3520 and the 3720, which makes operating these tractors as easy as driving to the grocery store. And, with the eHydro transmission, performance is never an issue with the Performance Tracking System. Throw in additional features like the LoadMatch electronic power management system, the Quik-Park loaders, and standard 4WD and you have tractors that are without peers.

4000 Series

When it comes to comfort and performance, John Deere 4000 series tractors stay ahead of the game with premium features and an efficient design. Take the adjustable, ergonomic driver's seat, for instance. Or pedals that reduce stress on your legs and ankles. When you add features like the Economy PTO for extra fuel savings and the exclusive Performance Tracking System for at-a-glance system monitoring, you've got a tractor that combines advanced technology with superior comfort.