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5D/5E Series

If there's a new utility tractor in your future, do yourself a favor. Dare to compare the John Deere 5D and 5E Series Utility Tractors to all the rest. One test drive and you'll see the 5 Series Tractors have the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling during even the longest days; the engine power and hydraulic capacity to take on hard-to-handle chores; and the quality of engineering, assembly, and components you expect from John Deere.

5E Limited Series

Take a look at the 5E Limited Series utility tractors, and you’ll be amazed at what your tractor dollar can buy. Start with the heart — the 4-cylinder wet-sleeve John Deere PowerTech turbocharged diesel engine. Add the 12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission with electrohydraulic shuttle-shift capability. The wet clutch gives you oil-cooled, no-adjust reliability. Standard MFWD pulls you through mud, ruts, and slop … all while you sit in enclosed, climatecontrolled comfort.

At the rear, the telescoping draft links combined with 3,213 pounds of hitch lift capacity make it easy to attach and lift hitch-mounted implements. Meanwhile, the hydraulic system can pump up to 22.5 gallons per minute. With up to five available hydraulic remotes, you can attach just about any hydraulic implement.

5M Series

Introducing the all-new 5M Series from John Deere: a line of utility tractors designed from the ground up for high-hour users and heavy-duty applications. Operator environments built for all-day comfort. Hydraulic capacity to handle big implements. Frames designed to absorb constant lifting and loading force. And the support of the strongest name in heavy equipment.

Choose the 5M Series, and there’s virtually no limit to what you can attach. High lift capacities, a greater range of hitch adjustment, plus pinpoint control over height and depth handle nearly any tool or task. And for PTO-powered implements, you can choose standard, Economy, or optional 1,000-RPM operation … just the versatility you’d expect from the all-new 5M Series.

The new 5M Series from John Deere: more than a new utility tractor. It’s a new class of utility tractor.

6030 Series

John Deere's 6030 Series Tractors combine traditional John Deere quality and reliability with convenient control, great styling and advanced tractor technology. These machines are equipped with innovative features – including new highly efficient PowerTech™ engines, robust hydraulics, and choice of transmissions. There are now six transmission options available, depending on model. From heavy ploughing to fast transport, there’s a transmission to suit. Choose from the SynchroPlus™ 12/4 (30 kph only), PowerReverser 16/16 (30 and 40 kph), PowerQuad™ 16/16 (30 and 40 kph) and 24/24 (40 kph only). All transmissions provide easy-to-use controls for smooth shifting and an optional creeper with field speeds as low as 0.16 kph.

6D Series

In today's competitive work, farm, and paddock environment, many customers are looking for an economical utility tractor with more horsepower and better performance to handle common tasks and still provide a comfortable working environment for the operator. The new 6D Series provides great features and value for the cost. A new wet-clutch design ensures reliable, long life with improved control. The new design also helps overall tractor performance for the many jobs required of a utility tractor. Other features include an exclusive telescopic/tilt steering wheel which can be set for ideal positioning for any operator height and a high-capacity air conditioning/heating system to keep the operator comfortable in all weather conditions. An optional two-function mechanical joystick is available for optimum loader operation.

6M Series - Utility Tractors

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6R Series Utility Tractor

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