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AgriVision Equipment Group Investment Fuels Northwestern, IA Economic Growth

AgriVision Equipment Group, a full-service John Deere farm and consumer equipment dealer, announced today the company's intention to acquire ICON Ag & Turf stores in January, 2018 pending Deere & Company approval. Through this acquisition, AgriVision Equipment will add five locations in Doon, Ireton, Lawton, Le Mars and Paullina, Iowa to its 10 existing locations serving Southwest Iowa, Southeast Nebraska, and Northwest Missouri.

The AgriVision Equipment Approach: Higher Yields Through Stronger Relationships

Despite recent downward trends in the agriculture industry, AgriVision Equipment continues to invest in innovation, technology and resources. AgriVision Equipment is dedicated to investing in and building sustainable rural communities through strong relationships. The family-owned and operated company is motivated by the success of its customers and the healthy economic growth of Northwest Iowa. AgriVision Equipment sees joining forces with ICON as a win-win, yielding sustainable advantages for customers and employees alike.

“For many years, we’ve watched our customers working to become more sustainable by spreading

out their overhead. We are emulating such efforts as we strive to make the most sound financial

decisions on behalf of our customers,” says Jeremy Ostrander, CEO of AgriVision Equipment.

New and existing customers can leverage the expertise of a family-owned and locally operated

company rooted in Iowa farming heritage since 1899. “I am pleased and excited for the next phase

in ICON’s growth. AgriVision Equipment’s innovative culture combined with our culture of Iconic

service will be a great fit for our customers and employees. The two organizations’ values,

philosophies and customer focus are inspiring to me, and will take the new organization and the

communities they serve into a successful future together,” says Adam Timmerman, CEO of ICON Ag


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EveryAcre - Field Site

AgriVision Equipment is excited to announce the details of our 2nd Annual Ag Summit! This year, our theme is “EveryAcre - Calculate your Potential.” The Ag Summit will be held on August 23rd, 24th, and 25th. This year’s event will be located at our Red Oak store, along with our field site on Highway 48 just two miles north of Highway 34.

On our field site, we will be conducting several different trials: Planting Speed & Depth, Nitrogen Application, and Residue Management, just to name a few. We are excited about the valuable insights we will gain though these trials. We believe that they will be beneficial for not only expanding our knowledge but also sharing observations and insights with our customers.

On April 12th, 2017 AgriVision Equipment planted 34,000 seeds of 108-day corn using the John Deere ExactEmerge planter. Early results are indicating that we lost approximately 5,000 seeds due to cold and wet weather the following weekend. With a singulation accuracy of 99.9 percent on the ExactEmerge planter, if plants were absent on the surface, we dug to ensure a seed was present; each time finding a seed in the trench that had not germinated.

 Since planting, we have worked to stay up-to-date on how the crop is developing. Team members often review plants on the plot, reporting results each time; a drone is flown over the field plot to get a birds-eye view of the corn and enabling us to see aspects of growth and development that we couldn’t see as well on the ground; and time-lapse cameras are also in place at the field plot, allowing us to watch several days of growth in a matter of seconds and making it easy to observe the differences in growth processes of different plants.

When making decision about your operation, have you given any thought to what it would do to your yield planting at a depth of 1 ½, 2 ¼, and 3 inches? What about planting over the top of your nitrogen band? Stay tuned…

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